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Systems for Mobile operators -  Softplay and Adventure play Centres  

- Family Entertainment  Centres - Laser Tag Arenas.


Hangar51 Laserstorm  Laser tag game system

for Mobile, Softplay, Adventure and childrens play centres


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An exciting fun packed interactive laser game making any  event, day or night, inside or out, a great success for all.


Ultimate Laser Tag System

Hangar51 Laser Storm: The Ultimate Mobile Laser Tag Game System for Mobile, Softplay, Adventure Play, Children's Activity Centres and Family Entertainment Centres. Also Laser Bug, Battle Storm and CQB

Laser Tag is the future, and with our high-quality and professional range of Laser Systems there is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy its benefits.


From owning your own Mobile Laser Tag system, to hiring one for a private event; turning your Softplay centre into a Laser Tag arena after hours and even experiencing professional outdoor Laser Combat skirmish systems!


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BRAND NEW! Hangar51 LiteStorm. Specially designed for indoor play

Original Hangar51 Mobile Laser Tag System Sales

Compact Mobile Laser Tag System

Laser Tag System for Adventure Play Centres

Original Outdoor Laser Combat System

Close Quarters Laser Combat System

Original Hangar51 Mobile Laser Tag System Hire

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